Landscaping Products

Tradeware are very well known for our building and construction timbers, but some people might be surprised to learn that fencing and landscaping materials count for a significant volume of our sales.

In fact, we have recently installed some new racking which has allowed us to increase the volume of fencing and landscaping materials in stock.

As with all our products, we always try and source the best possible timber available, and our storage methods ensure that the timber will be in the best possible condition when you buy it.

Despite the excellent quality of our timber, you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that our prices are very competitive.


Before you start you will need: Work gloves, Tape Measure, Quick Set Concrete, Shovel, Star Pickets, Real-Lite Concrete Sleepers, Level and Sting Line, Post Hole Digger, Real-Lite Gal Steel Posts, Planning Sheet, Weed Mat and Ag Pipe.


Design and measure your retaining wall length, and using Real-Lite Planning Sheet (www.real-lite.com.au) calculate the number of posts and sleepers required.


  • Prepare the site, clear and level the area leaving 200mm behind the wall for back filling.
  • Hammer in Star Pickets at beginning and end of the proposed wall setting the star pickets 500mm past each end.
  • Run a string line at the top of the proposed wall height and along the bottom, ENSURE IT IS LEVEL.
  • Mark out location of holes (hole centres 1520mm).


  • Dig holes where marked with a minimum 300mm diameter hole.
  • Hole depth must be the same height of the proposed wall plus 50mm for concrete coverage on bottom of post.


  • Fill the first hole with concrete and place the post in the centre using a level to ensure the post is straight and lines up with top of the string line.
  • Repeat for remaining holes.


  • It is recommended that concrete cures for 24 hours or use rapid set concrete.
  • Slide Sleepers into place between posts.


  • Place weed mat against back of wall.
  • Using 65mm Ag Pipe at the back base of the wall, backfill with 20mm gravel to 200mm from top of the wall.
  • Fill to the top of the wall with clay soil.
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