Tradeware also own and operate 'Southside Lattice'.

Our Lattice is built from the best pine slat (lathe) available. It is 42x12 rounded edge lathe. Hole size is 50mm. All of our lattice is built to the highest quality.

We can supply the lattice in either diagonal, or horizontal/vertical. Panels are framed in 70x35 rebated pine frame which is mitre joined. Panels can also be supplied unframed if preferred.

Unfortunately, we do not offer any painting or finishing services on our lattice.

We are also unable to offer measuring or installation.... We can however recommend quality carpenters or handymen to assist you with these functions.

Lattice Slat (Lathe) & Rebated Pine Framing

As an additional service, we also supply the raw lattice materials for those customers who are adventurous enough to want to make their own lattice frames, or for any one who is wanting to make minor repairs, etc.

Our lattice slat is pine lathe at 42x12mm in lengths up to 4.8m, and for framing we stock pine rebated frame at 70x35mm with a 28mm rebate in lengths up to 5.4m.