Blue gum is a common name for the subspecies or the species in Eucalyptus globulus complex
Massive Blue Gum Tree
October 8, 2020
The Mackay Cedar is a large Australian native bushy tree growing 10-25m in height.
Mackay Cedar
August 28, 2022
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My Brother’s Flash Bush Laundry Build

All finshed and ready to use.🔨🤩 This unique Laundry/Toilet facility on an acreage block at Agnes Water was built by my brother out of Recycled Timbers which he gathered from here and there. You have got to admit it looks Amazing!!

Using an old Water Tank, which he cut in half for the roof, adds a special nostalgia don’t you think. Combining that with Treated Pine for the frame and sub-frame is very clever as it avoids rot or termite attack creeping into the structure.

Using old roofing iron for the walls is also a great idea . Firstly it provides water proofing for the structure and secondly blends in perfectly with the Water Tank Roof . Looking Awesome !

The timber used in the Internal Frame , Floor & Walls are Treated for extended life against Termites & Rot. LOSP ( Light Organic Solvent Preservative ) Wall framing M12 70x35 H2 Treated, Floor- Decking  90x21 LOSP H3 Treated, Wall-Ply LOSP H3 Treated. This gives you peace of mind that all your hard work is not just going to get eaten or rot away.

Who needs a door when you are in the bush.😊.

'Ta-dah', add a few Recycled Chamfer Boards to the front . Throw up a Door, a side light and you’ve created a unique outlet (pardon the pun) to this beautiful Bush Home. This is something to be proud of and a great talking point. I reckon it’s looks Terrific.

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