Big End Section Timbers

Without a doubt, Tradeware's specialty is large scale timber. ...No other company in Brisbane stocks such a large range of extra thick and extra long timber.

If you need an extra big piece of timber for your job, you really want to be giving us a call. We STOCK timber up to 300mm wide and 7.5 metres long. Anywhere else, and you'd probably be waiting a week before you could get your hands on anything like it.

Check out the following table for a list of Big End Section timbers in stock at Tradeware.
200 x 50175 x 75 Posts -
225 x 50200 x 75150 x 150
250 x 50225 x 75200 x 200
275 x 50250 x 75300 x 300
300 x 50300 x 75
350 x 50
400 x 50
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