Merbau/Kwila Decking

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One of the most commonly used decking timbers, Merbau/Kwila (Find out what the difference is between Merbau and Kwila on our Timber-Tips page!) is a tough, durable and beautiful timber. It is prefect for decking. You should always remember that there are different levels of quality available, and while it is quite common to see Merbau being sold at budget prices, care should be taken to ensure the timber you are buying is of an appropriate quality. At Tradeware, we source only the best quality Merbau/Kwila available.

Merbau/Kwila does have an issue with tannin bleed. ...Like a cup of tea, when you mix Merbau/Kwila with water the timber releases a huge amount of tannin - So care must be taken around pools and ponds, light coloured driveways or paths, painted, paved or tiled areas, or anywhere where there is a risk of staining. Prior too being laid, the boards should first be cleansed of tannin, either by flushing with large volumes of water, or with a specially designed proprietary cleanser. They should then be sealed with either a water or oil-based product.

Our Merbau/Kwila decking is sold in either 90x19 or 140x19 with a 'ripple' back.

  • Dimensionally stable
  • Kiln Dried
  • Durable
  • Fire resistant
  • Termite resistant

Merbau is one of the few bushfire resistant timber species that meets Australian Standard AS3959

Pacific Jarrah Decking

Like Merbau/Kwila, Pacific Jarrah it is an extremely tough and durable timber, but it has a distinct advantage in that it does not suffer from tannin bleed. It is an attractive decking timber with a unique pink/red colour and tight grain formation. It is without a doubt the most popular decking timber we sell. It is a very hard, durable timber.

Our Pacific Jarrah decking is sold in either 90x19 or 140x19 dressed on four sides.

Australian Hardwood Decking

We stock a range of Australian Hardwood species for decking including Spotted Gum, Iron Bark and Blackbutt. Australian Hardwoods make beautiful and unique decking timbers with strength and durability to match the Kwila and Pacific Jarrah.

Our Australian Hardwood decking is sold in either 86x19, 90X19, 140x25, 135X19 dressed on four sides. Sizes do depend on species and supply.

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Modwood Decking

ModWood’s composite decking comes in a range of sizes, colours and finishes, giving you the ability to create residential or commercial projects that combine function and style. ModWood is leading the way with its environmentally friendly, low-maintenance range of wood composite decking boards, which are made from eco building materials such as recycled milk containers and non-virgin pine products. ModWood is committed to conserving the Australian environment. We use eco friendly decking materials to create our high-quality recycled decking; approximately 90 per cent of the material content of our decking boards is either recycled or reclaimed. Each lineal metre of ModWood decking board contains approximately 37 recycled plastic milk bottles and around two kilograms of reclaimed pine dust (137 x 23mm board)

ModWood is versatile, easy to install, and looks great in any setting. Whether you are using it for pool decking, patio decking, or for a large entertaining platform, it will add definite sophistication which is long-wearing, safe and eco-friendly. And because it is splinter-free, it is also safe for use with children.

Our boards’ durability and resistance to the toughest Australian weather conditions make them a great, low-maintenance alternative to conventional timber – and one which can save you significant time and money over time. So if your looking for a garden, entertainment area, patio or pool come and visit the team at Tradeware

ModWood and the Environment

ModWood’s use of eco friendly decking materials makes our products particularly suitable for ecologically sensitive areas, as they contain no nasty chemicals that could leach out. The environment doubly benefits, as the product uses recycled and waste products which would otherwise be squandered, potentially ending up as landfil

ModWood Decking is Global GreenTag™ Bronze certified

Pine Decking

Pine Decking is a cost-effective alternative to Hardwood decking for those working to a budget.

Our Pine decking is available in 90x22 and is a high quality product, clear of knots.

Screening Timber

We have screening timber available in most of the same options as the decking. We stock screening sizes of 70x19 and 42x19 DAR in Pacific Jarrah and can source similar sizes in Australian Hardwood if required.

We also have a variety of pine - either raw or pre-primed - in screening and baluster sizes which are suitable when the end product is going to be painted.

Modwood also offer a screening option - Modwood Mini 68x17 - in all four of their colours.