​​F27 H3 Treated Seasoned Durability 1 Fire Rated Hardwood

F27 KD HE D1 HWD Timber Tradeware Building Supplies

Our F27 products boast a number of natural benefits over competing and substitute products in the market place:

  • Our F27 products are grown in Australia, produced and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions
  • Our F27 Structural is naturally insect and decay resistant and with an ACQ H3 treatment used to help prevent any durability concerns with sapwood inclusive products.
  • Our F27 have some of the highest standards and best quality sawmilling technology in the Southern Hemisphere, meaning their quality is second to none.
  • Our F27 Structural is all durability class 1 above ground; giving you peace of mind your product will hold its structural integrity for over 40 years!
  • Our F27 Structural has a Joint Strength rating of 1 (JD1), and when compare to competing structural products like LVL13 and engineered pine which are typically a JD3 or JD4.
  • Our F27 Structural has beautiful hardwood grain and texture, so no two pieces are ever cosmetically the same, allowing customers to enjoy a truly unique experience
  • Our F27 Structural and Joinery products have exceptional integrity from their durability to their tangential shrinkage factors, so you know if you require consistency, these products are right for you.
  • Our F27 products are available in fire retardant specie ( Spotted Gum ), specifically complying with AS3959, and BAL ratings, all you have to do is ask.

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