Structural Hardwood Timber Posts

Tradeware Building Supplies carry a range of structural hardwood timber posts including F17 Ironbark Hardwood Post, Laminated Spotted Gum, Laminated Merbau / Kwila Posts, Tonka and Pacific Jarrah just to name a few.

​​F17 Iron Bark Hardwood Posts

​​Iron Bark is a high durability one product, because of its high density and hardness they are ideally suited for construction and feature posts. If required we can put through our machine shop and dress these posts to give and extra visual appeal. Iron Bark have a high resistance against termites and rot, they can also be put directly into the ground.

Tradeware stock the following posts in F17 Iron Bark Hardwood Timber Posts

75x75, 100x100, 125x125, 150x150, 175x175, 200x200, 250x250, 300x300.

​If you require other sizes we can source them for you.

Pacific Jarrah Timber Decking


Posts - 90 x 90, 100 x 100, 115 x 115, 135 x 135
Beams - 140 x 65, 190 x 65, 240 x 65, 290 x 65, 90 x 45, 140 x 45

Structural Hardwood Timber Posts - image Laminated-Spotted-Gum_Timber-Racks_Tradeware-Building-Supplies-1 on


One of the most commonly used decking timbers, Merbau / Kwila (Find out what the difference is between Merbau and Kwila on our Timber-Tips page!) is a tough, durable and beautiful timber. It is prefect for decking. You should always remember that there are different levels of quality available, and while it is quite common to see Merbau being sold at budget prices, care should be taken to ensure the timber you are buying is of an appropriate quality. At Tradeware, we source only the best quality Merbau/Kwila available.

Laminated Merbau / Kwila Decking Timber - TRADEWARE Building Supplies Photos Courtesy of Garden Envi


​Tonka is a very durable timber and ​resistant to termite and marine borer attack.
Dressed 200x200 Tonka is an amazing feature as “Front Entry Posts”.


Have you thought of using Pacific Jarrah Decking, it is absolutely perfect as a vertical lining board.
Available in set lengths, 42x19, 70x19, 90x19, 140x19, & 190x19.

Pacific Jarrah Timber used on vertical boards

Other timber species available on request.

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