Camphor Laurel Trees were imported into Australia in 1822 and mostly growing in Queensland and New South Wales and is known as a noxious agressive weed. DID YOU KNOW?

Did you know that The scientific name for the Camphor Laurel is Cinnamomum Camphora?   For those living in Toowoomba some know it as the ‘Toowoomba Tree’. When visiting Toowoomba the Camphor Laurel Trees can be seen lining the main street. They were introduced into Austraila from Asia in 1822 for ornamental gardens and parks, no doubt chosen for their canopy of shade they provide.


Unfortunately the Camphor Laurel is now known to be a very agressive noxious weed growing throughout Queensland and central northern New South Wales. With the help of the birds who eat the seeds of the Camphor Laurel trees, they have successfuly invaded rainforests, pastures and eucalyptus trees impacting Koalas. It is good to know that every Camphor Laurel Tree that is removed we are helping the environment.



The gorgeous Camphor Laurel timber slabs feature wonderful grains and are perfectly suited to outdoor serveries, indoor benchtops, table tops, coffee table tops and shelving. Some of the timber slabs fortunately have spaces you can fill with your favourite colour resin to perfectly match your decor creating a unique finish.

For those who love wood turning, Camphor Laurel Timber is wonderful for creating beautiful bowls.


Our Camphor Laurel Timber Furniture

With so many beautiful timber slabs in our yard we just can’t resist working with them so we have some beautiful unique furniture for sale on the floor. Some of the timbers offer us the opportunity to use the coloured resins which is so much fun and we just love seeing the finished result.  If you like some of our furniture, but would like it in a different timber or resin, just ask us. We just love working with timber.


New Life For This Old Tree

This gorgeous old Camphor Laurel tree had to go to make way for changes at a local Brisbane school. An Arborist was contracted to cut it down and Tradeware Building Supplies were contacted to salvage the tree. As this tree is over 130 years old, we were very pleased to be able to honour this wonderful tree and provide a new life for it in the form of these amazing timber slabs ready for all sorts of projects you have in mind.


We have over 30 species of timber slabs up to 20 years dry at Tradeware Building Supplies.
Come on down and take a look, we know you will be surprised at what we have. 


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