Got A Question?

Mitch O'mara
This page contains useful information to help you understand some of the industry terms and jargon,
and to answer some of the questions we regularly get asked in the owner of Tradeware Building Supplies yard.

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

1Are you open to the public?
Yes. We are open to the public.
2Will ‘Tradeware’ come out to my house and build it for me?
Unfortunately, No.... We are happy to recommend a good tradesman however.
3Where does your timber come from?
We source our timbers from the best suppliers. We buy Australian where possible. eg. Our hardwood is all grown in Queensland.
4Why is timber so expensive?
Simple answer... It grows on trees! Trees and forests are a valuable and limited resource that need to be carefully managed. Even fast growing trees still take many years before they can be harvested, and then there's milling, transport, treatment, and so on...
5Is Hardwood hard, and Softwood soft? (The answer may surprise you!)
The terms 'Hardwood' and 'Softwood' refer to the cellular structure of a tree. 'Hardwood' is produced from 'Angiosperm' trees which have pores, whereas 'Softwood' comes from 'Gymnosperm' trees which have a tube-like structure. The terms actually have little to do with the actual hardness or softness of the wood. For example, 'Balsa' is a type of hardwood, whereas 'Oregon' is a softwood.
6What is the difference between Kwila and Merbau?
Merbau and Kwila are the same timber, it's just called different things by different people... In Indonesia and Malaysia it is called Merbau, in PNG it's called Kwila. Merbau/Kwila comes from the Intsia species of tree.
7I want a timber that doesn't require maintenance..?
Good Luck. Timber - like everything else in this world - requires regular maintenance to keep it in good condition, and looking it's best.
8How often should I coat my deck?
Minimum once a year.
9What size timber should I use for this span?
Our staff are very talented, but unfortunately, we are not qualified Engineers!... If you want to buy the best timber in Brisbane call us!... If you want to ensure your building meets all the relevant building regulations, call an Engineer.
10Do you deliver?
Yes. We can arrange delivery Monday to Friday.