Merbau/Kwila Decking

Photos courtesy of Garden Envi

One of the most commonly used decking timbers, Merbau/Kwila (find out what the difference is between Merbau and Kwila on our FAQ page!) is a tough, durable and beautiful timber that's perfect for decking. You should always remember that there are different levels of quality available, and while it is quite common to see Merbau being sold at budget prices, care should be taken to ensure the timber you are buying is of an appropriate quality. At Tradeware, we source only the best quality Merbau/Kwila available.

Merbau/Kwila does have an issue with tannin bleed. ...Like a cup of tea, when you mix Merbau/Kwila with water, the timber releases a huge amount of tannin. So care must be taken around pools and ponds, light coloured driveways or paths, painted, paved or tiled areas, or anywhere where there is a risk of staining. Prior to being laid, the boards should first be cleansed of tannin, either by flushing with large volumes of water, or with a specially designed proprietary cleanser. They should then be sealed with either a water or oil-based product.

Our Merbau / Kwila decking is sold in either 90x19 or 140x19 with a 'ripple' back.

What is the difference between Kwila and Merbau? Merbau and Kwila are the same timber, it's just called different things by different people... In Indonesia and Malaysia it is called Merbau, in PNG it's called Kwila. Merbau/Kwila comes from the Intsia species of tree.

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