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Tradeware Building Supplies is a fully equipped timber yard that can meet any domestic or commercial requirements.

We carry a complete range of building and specialty timbers in a wide range of lengths and sections, and we provide the service to trim and finish on-demand.

We stock a variety of timbers and sizes that you just won’t find in other yards.

If you require a size that we don't have in stock, we can usually cut it out of something bigger. Our specialty is big end-section timbers.

Tradeware has a deep respect for the precious resource that is timber. As such, we treat our timber with the utmost care and consideration – a fact that has contributed to our ten consecutive ‘Best Specialist Timber Merchant’ awards.

Tradeware has fabricated custom storage racks which enable us to keep our timber in straight, tight bundles, and under-cover out of the weather.

Products & Services - image CURTAIN-RACKS-3 on http://tradewarebuildingsupplies.com Anyone who has ever used Merbau knows how badly it ‘bleeds’ tannins when it gets wet… Our Merbau rack has its own curtain, so we can keep it completely dry, even in the worst of weather.

We re-strap and/or re-wrap all of our packed materials (fencing, flooring, decking, etc.) after every purchase so it reduces the opportunity to move or warp.

We alsocoat the ends of our timber to protect it from the hot Queensland sun.

Timber has it good at Tradeware!

And all of this means that our customers can buy the best possible product in the best possible condition.


Tradeware are on the constant look out for new products, machinery, techniques and ideas with which to provide our customers with a better Tradeware experience.

Our ‘Slab Master’; an adjustable deck with a moveable cutting head which can level extra-large slabs and posts, and sand them to a beautiful finish. The finished slabs can be used for furniture making or bench tops.

Keep an eye out for our large Pacific Jarrah slabs - when paired with the ‘Slab Master’, we can produce pieces of timber that are ‘One of a Kind’, and highly sought after.
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