Recycled Timber

In this environmentally conscious world which we currently inhabit, our

Tradeware stock timber slabs in a range of timbers, sizes and shapes. You can buy them 'as is', or we can dress them down to a beautiful smooth finish with our 'Slab Master'. And if you like, we can stain or coat to your requirements.

Most of our slabs are locally sourced Australian hardwoods. They are available in different thicknesses, ranging from about 30mm to 100mm. Whilst some of our slabs are up to 5m long, we are happy to cut them to whatever size you might require (please note: slabs are sold in increments of 300mm)

Our current range features slabs of approximately 300mm wide to 550mm wide. ...It's getting difficult to find big trees!

...That said, we are expecting some extra wide slabs in from overseas shortly. We understand that these are going to be some pretty impressive pieces of timber, so keep an eye on this website, and we'll be sure to let you know when they land.